Haymarket Center

Admission / Case Management


AdmissionCentral Intake at Haymarket Center is the “first step” for access to care.

Individuals seeking treatment will begin either in Detox or by calling Central Intake at 312-226-7984 ext. 480 to make an assessment appointment. The admission process includes:

  • A comprehensive assessment of individual needs using the Global Assessment of Individual Need (GAIN)
  • Psychiatric / psychological services
  • Health screening




Case Management

Case ManagementThe Case Management Unit is designed to implement services at time of assessment. Haymarket Center is committed to utilizing state of the art case management resources. Once the patient begins treatment at Haymarket Center, they are assigned a Case Manager who will follow his/her progress through each level of treatment at Haymarket.

  • Referral services linking clients with Social Services, Health, Mental Health and Substance Abuse agencies, educational and job training resources.
  • Self-help groups provide clients with Chicago and surrounding area listings of AA, NA, CA meetings
  • Community support services: Provide information for suitable services
  • Housing: Providing information and linking clients to housing suitable for their needs
  • Employment: Provide information and linking clients to job training and referrals
  • Other support groups: As needed



Case Management Team Services


  • Appropriateness for service.
  • Early intervention case management services can begin at this point.


  • Collecting information about clients’ needs and resources.
  • Establishing baseline status by observation and collateral contact (when appropriate and with permission).
  • Conducting formal assessments (e.g. face-to-face, functional or social network assessments); and ancillary assessments as needed (risk and lethality, housing needs).
  • Integrate case management assessment with clinical and testing data.
  • The first stage of planning and intervention
  • A comprehensive assessment is the initial step in the service allocation process.
  • Assessment introduces, engages and ultimately establishes the relationship between the provider and the client
  • Includes program description
  • Solicitation of the client’s opinion of need
  • Assessments also collect baseline data against which client change is to be measured, and develop a framework for later decisions about the service mix and needed benefits.

Assessment includes solicitation of the client’s opinion regarding:

  • Self-assessment needs.
  • Contact with significant family members.
  • Informal caregivers input.
  • Other provider’s information.
  • Review of other agency records.
  • Testing.
  • Medical assessment.


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