Workshops in Review

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Monday, June 13th 2016

Session I – 10:30am to Noon

Session II – 2:45pm to 4:15pm

A.  Improving the Outcome of Your Most Challenging Cases – Dr. Scott Miller

E.  Neurobiology of the Phenomena of Craving – Dr. Kenneth Stagliano

B.  *Hepatitis C: A Silent Epidemic – Jill Wolf

F.   Substance Dependence, Trauma and Relationships – Ryan Breen

C.  Untold Stories of the ER: Real-World Challenges of Emergency Substance Care – Dr. Amy Faith Ho

G.  Ethical Decision Making – Practice, Practice,  Practice! – Dr. Joseph Rosenfeld

D.  Human Trafficking and the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children – Frank Massolini

H.  Recovery Through Daring Greatly – Sarah Buino, CDWF



Tuesday, June 14th 2016

Session I – 10:30am to Noon

Session II – 2:45pm to 4:15pm

A.  Evidence-Based Psychotherapy for Behavioral Addictions – Dr. Jon Grant

E.  It’s You, It’s Me: An Exploration of Trauma Informed Care – Laura Gettinger

B.  Physical Health, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Needs of Incarcerated Mothers of Minor Children – Dr. Susan Rose & Dr. Thomas LeBel

F.   Inside Looking Out: Incarcerated, Substance-Abusing Women Talk about their Experiences – Dr. Susan Rose & Dr. Thomas LeBel

C.  Your Calling Has Been Disconnected – Dr. Serena Wadhwa

G.  Mindfulness Based Interventions for Dual Diagnosis Clients – Paul Farina

D.  *Hepatitis C Community Alliance to Test and Treat – Dr. Daniel Johnson

H.  The Plurality of Ethics – Building a Culture of Integrity – Leo Miller



Wednesday, June 15th 2016

Session I – 10:30am to Noon

Session II – 2:45pm to 4:15pm

A.  Beyond Theology – Rabbi Rami Shapiro

E.  Transforming Complex, Multi-Habit Dependent Clients: Effective Tools and Strategies – Matthew Selekman

B.  STOP – See The Other Possibilities – Jim Scarpace

F.   Addiction and Primary Care Integration as it Relates to MAT – Dr. Michael Baldinger

C.  *Integrating HCV Screening and Testing in Substance Abuse Treatment – Jessica Dubuar & Robert Edstrom

G.  Trauma Informed Care in an Ethical Arena – Mark Sanders

D.  Integrating Spirituality and Counseling to Help Clients Recover – Mark Sanders

H.  Working with Gender and Sexual Minority Populations – James Belanger


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