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Haymarket Center Honors 2016 Father Mac Award Recipient President Toni Preckwinkle

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The mission of Haymarket Center is to aid people with substance use disorders in their recovery by providing comprehensive behavioral health solutions.

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Irika Sargent, CBS Chicago Anchor serves as Master of Ceremonies

(Chicago, IL) Haymarket Center bestowed their 2016 Father Mac Award to this year’s honoree, President Toni Preckwinkle for her vision to support treatment and encourage recovery for those most in need. President Preckwinkle has worked with Haymarket Center and others in the treatment community to find solutions to addiction and its impact on the criminal justice system and other networks such as the hospitals, criminal justice system and the courts.

Each year at this lunch, Haymarket honors someone who has gone above and beyond to support Haymarket Center and is a champion for treatment and funding for those who fight this disease. 2016 Honoree, President Toni Preckwinkle, represents those objectives through her commitment to finding alternatives to incarceration when possible and working with leaders in the community to develop solutions and strategies to meeting the needs of those who will benefit.

“Haymarket’s Board unanimously supported President Preckwinkle for this year’s honor. She has been a leader in advocating for treatment and behavioral health funding and strategies that show results” said Dr. Dan Lustig, Interim President and CEO of Haymarket Center.

In addressing the audience, President Preckwinkle mentioned that addiction treatment and behavioral health is not a partisan issue but one that affects everyone, going beyond geography, political affiliation or economic status, “this is an issue that we all need to face together and all understand that finding help for those struggling will not only benefit those in need, but also our community.”

Irika Sargent, Evening Anchor CBS Chicago, served for the second year as the Master of Ceremonies. Ms. Sargent visited Haymarket Center and learned about the over 30 evidence based programs available. Also learning about the struggle with funding and concern over access to care. After learning about the programs, she was able to share those insights with the guests at the lunch.

The 2016 Father Mac Appreciation Award Lunch saw a 60% increase in attendance. Due to the work of the 2016 Co-Chairs, Joseph Stack, Haymarket Board member and nephew of founder Monsignor Ignatius McDermott and Michael Meagher, Executive VP at McHugh Construction, who revealed that Father Mac had married his parents many years ago, increased revenue by 25% from 2015.

The mission of Haymarket Center, founded in 1975, is to aid people with substance use disorders in their recovery by providing comprehensive behavioral health solutions.

If you know someone who needs help or you want to learn more about Haymarket Center visit the website at www.hcenter.org.

Haymarket Center will be promoting Giving Tuesday to be held on Tuesday, November 29, 2016, if you want to be a part of those receiving information, please send an email to info@hcenter.org to be added to the list.

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