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Haymarket Center once again awarded full three-year CARF certification

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The mission of Haymarket Center is to aid people with substance use disorders in their recovery by providing comprehensive behavioral health solutions.

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After a painstaking and exhaustive survey, CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, has once again awarded Haymarket Center a full three year accreditation, the maximum offered. In an overwhelmingly positive report, the Commission praised Haymarket’s leadership, commitment, and effectiveness in providing services and making a positive impact on the lives of those they serve. In their summary meeting with Haymarket staff they had this to say about what they found:

“Haymarket senior leadership is respected by its colleagues for their commitment and efforts in advocating for services and adequate resources to support the clients they serve.

They are recognized for making evidence based arguments to support the efficacy in investing in treatment and resources and positive social and financial impact of these investments.  They are forward thinking and have maintained relationships with leaders and politicians and all levels of the government.

The organization is recognized for their commitment to strong relationships with funders, timely, accurate business practices and open responsive communication. 

Management staff are strong and have been successful maintaining a stable community that have provided leadership in the field on such new initiatives in the Affordable Care Act. 

The staff and leadership respond quickly to service demands, are clear with clients regarding their expectations and providing personalized and extraordinary service qualities of innovated treatments with clients.

Haymarket has a long standing positive reputation in Chicago for providing a wide continuum for addiction services and support with a comprehensive approach to recovery for vulnerable populations with complex needs and challenges.

The extensive continuum of services provides persons with program choices, seamless transition to levels of care and the opportunity to set a self-pace recovery process, the effectiveness of this approach in the achievement of positive outcomes for persons served.

The agency is recognized for its innovated evidence based projects in prevention, training and outreach services.  Treatment is tailored to the cultural needs of the person served including the provision of services and written materials in the person’s primary language.

Persons served report are tremendous degree of trust in the organization and its staff members.  And, they state that they are treated with upmost respect and dignity on all phases of treatment.  Persons served state they have never been turned away when seeking treatment even when the organization is at capacity or their needs are beyond the scope of services offered by the organization. 

Haymarket provides comprehensive employment services to the persons served including job readiness, budgeting, parenting, and merit cards for transportation, clothing and more; all leading to successful individualized competitive job placement.

They also have a positive working relationship with the community, as a local attorney from the Cook County public defender’s office, to local banks and the staff from the Illinois Department of Employment Security conduct workshops as part of the job readiness program. 

The Community Housing Program is a short term recovery model for individuals learning to live clean and sober lives.

Staff and individuals work together to master basic, daily living skills.  Additional support includes therapies and groups such as NA and AA.

Haymarket is commended for the large number or persons served who are also employees of the organization.  Two funding sources permit Haymarket to hire individuals on the job training program and many of these individuals have become regular Haymarket employees.  This demonstrates their belief to giving everyone a second chance.

Haymarket demonstrates a commitment to the provision of services guided by evidence based practices.  Training and supervision occurs at all levels to ensure that the evidence based modalities are implemented appropriately and effectively throughout the program. 

The organization provided services in a location that is well equipped to meet the needs of the persons served.  

Transportation is provided to assist people served with community resources and needs in their continuity of care. 

The staff members of Haymarket have longevity with the organization and appear dedicated to the profession and steadfast in their approach providing quality services to their target population.  This longevity brings stability, history and continuity of service delivery.

Haymarket Center offers a menu of various education tracks in addition to program services.  The person served may enroll in lifestyle classes which builds and enhances their competencies and self-esteem.

That completes the report, ladies and gentlemen, and we applaud.

CARF Certificate October 31, 2015

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