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Senator Durbin Introduces Bill to Expand Access to Substance Abuse Treatment Under Medicaid

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Senator Dick Durbin held a press conference at Haymarket Center to announce introduction of the Medicaid CARE Act, co-sponsored by Senator King (I – Maine).

The Act modifies the IMD Exclusion, a topic Haymarket's Dr. Dan Lustig and Jeff Collord have been working with the Senator’s office and others in Washington, DC, for several years. In addition to the Senator speakers at the press conference included Ray Soucek, who introduced the Senator; Dr. Lustig; Tom Britton, President and CEO of Gateway Foundation; and Pam Rodriguez, President and CEO of TASC.

From Senator Durbin's press release:

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) joined doctors and substance abuse treatment clients at Haymarket Center to discuss legislation he has introduced that will expand access to treatment for vulnerable populations who currently are not receiving the addiction care they need while the heroin and opioid prescription drug abuse epidemic continues to grow. The Medicaid Coverage for Addiction Recovery Expansion (Medicaid CARE) Act would modify the Medicaid Institutions for Mental Disease (IMD) Exclusion policy—a decades-old Medicaid policy that has had the unintended consequence of limiting treatment for our most at-risk populations.  The measure would allow more than 2,000 additional Illinois Medicaid recipients in Illinois to receive care annually.

“Too many substance abuse centers do not qualify for Medicaid because of an outdated understanding of addiction, which restricts access to care. Less than 12 percent of Illinoisans in need of substance abuse treatment actually receive it.  That unacceptable treatment rate is hindering our ability to help these individuals turn their lives around and start curtailing this public health epidemic that's feeding on our state's youth,” Durbin said. “That’s why I am introducing a bill to change this outdated and ill-advised policy to ensure that patients in need of substance abuse care can get it.”


Click the picture above to see an excerpt of Senator Durbin's press conference at Haymarket Center
Read Senator Durbin's entire press release here

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