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Top 7 Reasons NOT to Cut Addiction Funding

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The mission of Haymarket Center is to aid people with substance use disorders in their recovery by providing comprehensive behavioral health solutions.

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1. Because Illinois will LOSE critical federal funds.

States must contribute a “maintenance of effort” (MOE) to the federal Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant. If substance use disorders (SUD) treatment GRF is cut, the block grant may also be cut. For every dollar Illinois cuts, funding may be reduced $2. Illinois has been informed that we will not receive another waiver from MOE due to years of cuts – 24% of funding since 2009.

2. Because ACA and Medicaid do not cover everything.

Thankfully the percentage of uninsured clients is dropping. However, Medicaid and insurance do not cover many services clients with severe addictions need in order to enter into and maintain recovery. In addition, the City of Chicago estimated that 110,000 residents would not qualify for ACA coverage.

3. Because it costs a LOT more to treat addicts in hospitals.

When treatment isn’t available, addicts go to hospital emergency rooms. Hospitals will return them to the streets after a brief stay. In cases of Heroin abuse, hospitals often release patients before onset of full withdrawal (5-7 days), creating a health risk and likelihood of relapse. Treatment providers like Haymarket move individuals into treatment and recovery, reducing hospital admissions.

4. Because you can’t reduce funding for treatment and the prison population at the same time.

At least 40% of offenders in Illinois prisons (over 19,000 offenders) have an SUD. Illinois can’t reduce this population if there is less treatment available in the community for them to access.

5. Because babies born to addicted mothers will cost WAY more in neo-natal intensive care.

At Haymarket Center, 1800 babies have been born to mothers in treatment. If they had gone into neonatal intensive care at $30,000 an episode, it would have cost Illinois $41,448,400 more than normal birth costs. Medicaid covers some, but not all, of the mothers’ treatment costs.

6. Because treatment providers are also employers.

To survive 6 years of cuts to SUD funding, Haymarket reduced its workforce by nearly 120 staff members. Other providers have shut down or are on the verge of closing. DASA cuts will send more individuals to unemployment.

7. Because treatment results in tax-paying citizens.

Haymarket clients have minimal job histories. When they enter into recovery and get a job through our workforce development program, they become tax-paying citizens for the first time.


Prepared by Haymarket Center. Please contact Jeffrey Collord, Director of External Affairs, with any questions.

jcollord@hcenter.org or 312-226-7984 ext 331

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