Women's Medically Monitored Detox


The Medically Monitored Women's Detoxification Program has 24- Hour nursing coverage.  It is a 16 bed, DASA licensed, ASAM Level lll.7D Medically Monitored Inpatient Detoxification program within the licensed health care facility of Haymarket Center that promotes the following:

  • To safely manage withdrawal
  • To engage Client in treatment
  • To provide Client withdrawal that is humane and respects the Clients dignity

All applicants' seeking admission will be screened for appropriate services. If a referral is needed and requested, it is provided. When Haymarket Center is not able to serve an intoxicated client or a client exhibiting clear signs of withdrawal, by reason of handicap or acute physical condition more appropriate care will be arranged elsewhere. The Medically Monitored Women's Detoxification program has a variable length of stay depending upon the substance, length/frequency/method of use, combination of other substances and associated medical issues.


  • The Psychiatric Team is available during regular work hours, with 24-hour "on call" availability.
  • Case Manager/Client 1:1 sessions are held to address the individualized needs of the client, for transfer, continuum of care and discharge planning.
  • Bridging The Gap: Hospitals & Institutions (H & I) volunteers will provide patients an introduction to the various 12 Step self-Help Fellowships.
  • Medical services are available through an on-site medical team to provide non-emergency health care services.
  • Emergency services are provided through calls to "911 "


  • Clients must be female
  • 18 years and older
  • Test positive for alcohol and/or other drugs, or self report recent use
  • Experiencing withdrawal risk, but manageable in this level of service.


Insurance Accepted Sliding Scale and Indigent Rates Available


  • Central Intake
    (312) 226-7984 ext 480
    Between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.
  • Women's Medically Monitored Detox
    (312) 226-7984 ext 368
  • Walk-ins Welcomed

All patients of Haymarket Center have the right to privileged communications, information, and records, which are protected by federal and state statutes as well as by program policies on the confidentiality of patient information and records. 2060.323.(a7)