Driving Under the Influence Risk Education


Haymarket's DUI Risk Education Program philosophy and approach reflect Haymarket Center and its founders. It recognizes the increasing, and ever changing, substance abuse problem and its impact on our social, family, cultural, judicial and economic systems. We also understand its scourge to cross all racial, gender and age barriers. In order to effectuate change, an organized multi-level of care approach is utilized to individualize and address the presenting problems of our varied population.


The purpose of Haymarket DUI Risk Education Program is to provide orientation to offenders regarding the impact of alcohol and other drug use on individual behavior and driving skills and to allow offenders to further explore the personal ramifications of their own substance use and abuse.


The goal of the DUI Risk Education Program is to assist participants in understanding the effects of alcohol/drugs on human lives and to help them to avoid another DUI arrest.


For participants to complete the course with significant knowledge about alcohol/drugs and themselves and reduce the clients’ chance of recidivism.


10 Hours of Risk Education Include:

  • The Law- History, Present Law and Its Impact on Drivers
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs-Effects on the Body and Brain
  • Chemical Dependency
    • Progression-Use, Misuse & Addiction
    • Recovery and Stages of Change
    • Family Issues and Roles
    • Stress and Drugs
    • Alternatives/Resources


  • Adults and Adolescents
  • Court Mandates/Referrals
  • DCFS Referrals
  • Schools
  • Community Agencies


  • Risk Education Course $100.00-$220.00
    • Ten (10) Hours ( Sliding Scale)
    • Four (4) Sessions 2 1/2 hours per session
  • Rescheduling Fee $25.00
    • Sliding scale rates available upon proof of income
    • Medicaid accepted
    • Visa/MasterCard accepted
    • Fees payable at time services rendered
    • Early Payment Discount


For initial Intake/Assessment appointment or information call our Chicago location at (312) 226-7984 ext. 321