Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does it cost?
    There are a variety of funding sources for clients entering Haymarket Center

    • Medicaid - public aid
    • Private insurance - all insurance checked individually at time of admission
    • City of Chicago (Dept. of Family and Support Services & Dept. of Public Health) - offers limited funding to the homeless
    • Specialized grants - discussed with client during admission process
    • DASA (Illinois Department of Alcohol & Substance Abuse)- state funding requires some documentation - proof of income or lack thereof, letter of residency, etc. - allows client treatment at no cost
    • Sliding scale fee structure for all levels of treatment- if private pay is deemed appropriate
  2. How soon can I get in?
    There are 2 ways to enter Haymarket Center

    • Detox - if the individual has had recent use of alcohol or drugs (within the past 24-48 hrs.) detox is appropriate- open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week- advisable to call for bed availability
    • Treatment - admission into treatment requires the completion of an assessment to determine the appropriate level of care and program. Appointments made by phone 312-226-7984 ext. 480 (appointments scheduled according to demand)
  3. Do you take children?
    Haymarket does have residential programming for women and children. The program allows for up to 2 children under the age of 5.

  4. Can you stay at home?
    Clients that are assessed for outpatient programming will continue to live at home and attend treatment programs throughout the day/week.

  5. What can my family do?
    Be supportive and encouraging to the client, look into attending AIĀ­ Anon, communicate with counselor if client consent is available, etc

  6. Can I call a patient in treatment?
    There are Federal Confidentiality laws that prohibit agencies from revealing who is in treatment at its center without written consent from the client- client's may sign a Haymarket Release of Information form. Also, a caller may leave name and number then the client has the option to return the call.

  7. Can I wear my own clothes?
    Yes, clients wear their own casual clothes - space is a premium - client encouraged to bring 7-10 days of clothing into treatment. Laundry is free to clients.

  8. Can I smoke?
    Haymarket continues to allow organized smoke breaks for clients. Groups are supervised by staff.

  9. Are visitors allowed?
    Visitation is arranged individually between the client and his/her counselor

  10. Do you have a cafeteria?
    Haymarket provides client cafeteria's for 3 meals a day....meals are catered from an outside company. All units are also provided daily snacks.

  11. Is there a store/vending machines on site to purchase food, etc?
    Limited use of vending machines by clients

  12. Can I get my clothes cleaned while in treatment?
    All clients have free laundry available on a weekly basis

  13. Are cell phones allowed?
    Use of cell phones is limited to phone times and by rule of each unit

  14. Is food allowed in the room?
    No food is allowed in client's rooms

  15. Does staff speak a language other than English?
    Currently there are Spanish and Polish programs available - other languages will be taken into consideration.

  16. Do you accept insurance?
    Haymarket is open to all insurance opportunities. It is the Insurance Company that decides if Haymarket is in their network. Haymarket staff will research the availability.

  17. Are family members allowed to bring me items, e.g. clothing, food, cigarettes, money?
    Packages for clients may be delivered to the Security Desk at 120 N. Sangamon between 8am and 8pm daily. The packages are opened and contents recorded will NOT be accepted

  18. Can I attend religious services while in treatment?
    Religious services are available to Haymarket clients. There are also specialized groups and lectures available.