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Recovery Coaching: Support Along the Way

HR HayMarket - Friday, July 13, 2018

After seeing the turbulent effects of substance use disorders, we often feel a huge sense of relief when our loved one is finished with treatment. Yet finding a path back to normal life for them can be challenging. Patients often find they need day-to-day support in navigating the real world and avoiding those situations that took them to a substance abuse life in the first place that could activate a relapse. This is where Recovery Coaching comes in.


Recovery Coaching is a form of strength-based support for people with substance use disorders. Recovery Coaches focus on the present, helping clients make decisions about what to do with their life and find ways to stay in recovery and reduce the harm associated with addictive behaviors.


At Haymarket Center, our Recovery Coaching model is an evidence-based, manual-driven, community-based recovery management program for people who have entered substance use disorders treatment. Our Recovery Coaches help people in treatment gain the resources and skills needed to sustain recovery over time. We work with the Manual for Recovery Coaching and Personal Recovery Plan Development.


Following the Manual, a Recovery Coach meets with clients individually at least once a week for six months, bridging the transition from treatment into the community, meeting at least once a month for an additional six months, providing up to a year of support.


Working with the patient, they both develop a written recovery plan, outlining steps and strategies for building recovery capital. That list shows separate steps to fulfill certain goals, developing weekly management plans, ensuring each step is completed.


Haymarket Center was awarded funds from the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for a program (Project T.E.A.M.) serving primarily African-American men with a substance use or co-occurring substance use and mental health disorder. These patients were most at-risk for or were living with HIV/AIDS. The program ensured these individuals were given access to and received appropriate behavioral health services.


The program successfully stabilized substance use, mental health and medical conditions of program participants. Project T.E.A.M. was also successful in sustaining participants’ recovery through Recovery Coaching.


Independent reviews of this project, and another, similar project, showed significantly positive outcomes. The outcomes included significant declines in substance use and mental health symptoms, high-risk behaviors for HIV, and crime, showing significant increases in recovery supports and overall health.


If you are seeking support after treatment, talk to the experts at Haymarket Center. Call us today at 312-226-7984.




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Exec Summary from Haymarket TCE-HIV-Men-Final-Report


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