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HR HayMarket - Wednesday, September 26, 2018


The mission of Haymarket Center is to aid people with substance use disorders in their recovery by providing comprehensive behavioral health solutions. Giving people this type of access to health care provides them with the tools to become rehabilitated, later integrating back into society.

As a company formed for success, Haymarket has not only continued growing but is now forming partnerships with other institutions and organizations. Teaming up with Chicago Community Trust and Chicago Department of Health, we are now able to give more people access to health care.

By partnering with Chicago Community Trust, we now have a funding source for two nurse practitioners. We cannot state enough our appreciation for this partnering opportunity. Being able to bring two nurse practitioners onto our staff is a huge inroad into continuing with our medically assisted training of patients and providing behavioral health solutions. Nurse Practitioners are sometimes called the bridge that connects RNs and MDs: they have two-years more education than registered nurses, but have less training than doctors. We see their implementation as a leap of progress into working with our patients.

After rehabilitation, our patients still need to reintegrate into society. That is where our affiliation with Chicago Department of Health comes in. Through partnering with them, our newly hired physician assistant has been hired to work in the outpatient MAT program.

This is important as the outpatient time period is a vulnerable time in our patient’s life. A certified professional is needed to navigate the many challenges that newly rehabilitated patients face.

Reviewing our mission statements, we realized we have accomplished some goals:

  • Define the actions that will help us achieve those goals, we connected with these two community resources, providing two nurse practitioners and a physician assistant.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement within individual clinical, areas and across the entire organization. We reached out to Chicago Community of Trust and Chicago Department of Health.
  • Create a culture of collaboration, mentorship, continuous quality improvement, and strong outcomes. Our inpatients and outpatient programs continue to thrive, particularly with the addition of new staff.
  • Attract and retain employees whose values are most aligned with our culture. After interviewing these professionals and seeing how they interact with our patients, we realized we have picked some of the most specialized, high-caliber professionals available, positioned with our standards.

If you or a loved one are seeking support for treatment, talk to the experts at Haymarket Center.

Call us today at 312-226-7984.


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