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Specialized Programs

Ann F. Baum Family Enrichment Center

Established in the year 2002, The Family Enrichment Center (FEC) is the Employment & Training Program within Haymarket Center.


Recovery involves making the most out of a life that has been rescued from addiction including restoring healthy relationships with family and friends.

Haymarket Center Childcare Services

Haymarket Center's on-site childcare services for infants, toddlers and pre-school aged children provides a safe and nurturing learning environment.

Health & Wellness

Haymarket Center’s Health & Wellness Department quality education, support, and prevention tools to individuals impacted by or at risk of HIV, HCV, STIs and other chronic health disparities.

Medical Clinic

Haymarket Center’s James West Clinic is a comprehensive, on-site health clinic that offers a wide range of medical services to Haymarket Center patients and the general community.

O'Hare Outreach

Dedicated to assisting the homeless since 1990, Haymarket Center has found safe and affordable shelter for thousands of homless men, women and children suffering with substance use disorders.

Polish Language Services

Polish speaking staff work with individuals whose primary language is Polish, who have alcohol/drug abuse problems, including those with co-occurring mental health disorders helping both men and women overcome their substance abuse problems.

Pregnant & Postpartum Women

Pregnant and Postpartum Women (PPW) is a Family Centered Treatment Program that provides substance use and mental health disorders treatment and evidence-based family strengthening and recovery support models that address trauma, parenting, child education and prevention for pregnant and postpartum women.

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