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Haymarket Center will provide an 8 bed Therapeutic Community (TC), Recovery Home program for women referred by the Cook County Sheriff’s Women’s Justice Programs (SWJP). The program will extend the continuity of care that Haymarket already provides through its Project COPE Program (Community Outreach Program Enhancement). Project COPE was designed to serve women identified by SWJP and the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department vice Unit as victims of human trafficking and/or prostitution.
High percentages of women from SWJP that Haymarket serves are unemployed, homeless, and have had multiple treatment episodes, suggesting the need for more support through this new recovery home when the women transition from the intensive services in Project COPE.

The goal of this program is to provide a structured Therapeutic Community (TC), short-term, sober living environment for women with a history of human trafficking and/or prostitution. The women will learn to function independently and begin to lay the groundwork for a successful re-integration into the society.

Therapeutic communities offer group based therapeutic treatment in a community setting. Staff and residents form a community in which the treatment takes place. Staff and residents work together, democratically. All residents hold job functions in the community. Their way of working is based on the principles of empowerment, democratic discussion, social inclusion, and establishing a safe environment.

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