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Ann F. Baum Family Enrichment Center

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Established in the year 2002, The Family Enrichment Center (FEC) is the Employment & Training Program within Haymarket Center. Renamed Ann F. Baum Family Enrichment Center in 2005, the Program provides services to individuals with employment barriers and who also require assistance with launching a career or returning to the workforce as tax paying citizens.

The FEC Program is results-driven due in part to the partnerships with companies and other agencies in the surrounding areas. Another ingredient for success is motivation and desire of the clients to create a better way of life for themselves and their families. FEC’s staff provides employment opportunities for clients at all academic and skill levels. As an additional benefit to prospective employers, the individuals are drug tested before employment opportunities are offered.

The staff also provides vocational services and referrals to Skill-Based training centers. These Centers provide training at no cost to the client. In addition, FEC staff works closely with the Illinois Department of Employment Services (IDES) and the Illinois Employment Training Centers (IETC) to assist clients with additional resources and apprentice opportunities.

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