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The mission of Haymarket Center is to aid people with substance use disorders in their recovery by providing comprehensive behavioral health solutions.

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COVID-19: CHHRGE White Paper

Haymarket Center is proud to have participated with CHHRGE - the Chicago Homelessness and Health Response Group for Equity. The group has prepared an outstanding paper on best practices that Haymarket and other agencies that serve homeless individuals have implemented to protect their clients and staff during the Covid-19 crisis.

Download the document here:



COVID-19: Haymarket Strong

May 6, 2020

Dear All,

True to our mission, we continue to keep our doors open to all in need, despite challenges that go beyond anything I could have imagined. As we all continue to hope for the coronavirus crisis to be behind us, I want to give you a glimpse as to what staying the course at Haymarket Center really means for our patients, staff, and communities.

First and foremost, I am beyond proud of our staff who have demonstrated a steadfastness that deserves the admiration of all of us. Because of their “Haymarket strong” spirit, every single one of our many Haymarket Center programs are open and receiving patients.

To our communities, this means that:
  • Our outreach teams continue to visit homeless encampments, maintaining relationships with some of Chicago’s most disadvantaged members.
  • Our teams of recovery coaches are in the emergency room at Cook County Health covering two full shifts daily, to engage patients in need of treatment.
  • All our programs continue to accept patients.

We provide care that no other organization provides in this environment. Last week, we accepted a pregnant woman and her young child into our residential program, coming to us from Decatur because no other program would help her with her substance use disorder and high-risk pregnancy.

Our systems are rock-solid and they have to be. With a pandemic that disproportionately affects African Americans, the chronically ill, and those living in congregate care settings, our patients are at extreme risk--and this is true for our employees as well.

Our health department partners understand this risk and have helped us to make testing available to patients and employees across our system every day. By testing as much as we do, we are able to identify many more positive cases than other institutions and immediately arrange for their quarantine and care.

As of this week, we have effectively brought 58 patients exposed to Covid-19 through a period of quarantine in our residential programs, keeping all of them healthy and in treatment.

We remain undaunted. Please reach out to me if you have questions about care for people struggling during this trying time. I sincerely appreciate your concern for our patients and your interest in our work.

Best in health,

Dr. Dan Lustig Psy.D. CAADC MISA II
President & CEO
Haymarket Center


COVID-19: Update for Supporters

April 21, 2020

Dear Friends of Haymarket Center,

We would like to offer our sincerest wishes that you and your loved ones are doing well. We are writing to update you on the impact of COVID-19 on our patients, employees, and communities to let you know how we are addressing unprecedented challenges with strength and resilience.

Our patients and communities

With special issues affecting congregate settings like ours, particularly when many patients have complex medical conditions, we have been fortunate to be able to draw on significant expertise from CDPH, IDPH, the University of Illinois and Rush to best protect our patients.

Early in the spread of the pandemic, we put aggressive, well-informed measures in place that go beyond what any of us could have ever imagined, even a few months ago. Twice daily, we complete hospital-grade total facility cleaning, supplemented by intermittent cleaning on each unit. We have ended all communal dining and group activities. We do not allow patient visitors. We have isolated patients who have been diagnosed from healthy populations and have had to transfer some for hospital care. Every day, our patient care energies are devoted to screening, educating, and COVID-19 testing.

We continue with these extraordinary measures with the knowledge that the path to recovery cannot shut down, even in the midst of a pandemic. Where possible, we have shifted treatment to telehealth, and we have slowed admissions to ensure new patients are observed for 14 days before coming into our residential programs. But we will not shut our doors.

The implications are serious for the broader community if we do not provide this essential service to a very vulnerable population, especially since emergency rooms are overburdened with patients and we know that isolation tends to exacerbate substance use disorders.


Our employees

We are extraordinarily proud of the courage and spirit of our entire Haymarket team. Our dedicated employees—including our frontline health care workers who continue to do their difficult jobs during this pandemic are true heroes.

One of the ways we sought to recognize our employees was by providing a small bonus, to thank them for working during this difficult time and to offset the extra costs of transportation, childcare, and other expenses while coping during this extraordinary time. At the same time that we applaud our employees, we are vigilant about sending any home with any symptoms, and we are fortunate to be able to provide on-site COVID-19 testing.

Our losses

We are currently mourning the loss of three employees who selflessly dedicated years to helping others overcome substance use disorders. Our condolences and sympathy go out to their families, and we look forward to celebrating their lives and contributions at a future date when our Haymarket family can safely gather and honor their memory. These losses of our treasured colleagues affect all of us so deeply, bringing close to home the clear, rapid devastation that we are all making sacrifices to address. Every day, we also mourn the loss of patients and family members near and far, and we carry with us a sense of loss, even as we recommit ourselves daily to the patients in our care.

Looking forward

We are committed to sustaining our level of intense vigilance and care as long as needed. This week, Haymarket Center launched agency-wide coronavirus testing for employees and patients on-site, including for staff from every location. We are thankful to our partners, Heartland Alliance Health and Illinois Department of Public Health, for helping to make this possible.


Like all essential health sector organizations, these times are financially challenging for Haymarket Center. We gratefully received much-needed federal support last week that is providing partial relief for us, while we continue to bear costs associated with the extraordinary measures we have put in place to remain open and available to patients. We are so thankful for the generosity of our donors and supporters who are coming forward with gifts large and small, each of which is so essential to the continuation of our life-saving work.


Thank you for caring about Haymarket Center and the hope our work represents. We wish you and your families the gifts of health and hope.


Dr. Dan Lustig, Psy.D., MISA II, CAADC
President & CEO

COVID-19: We Remain Open & Committed to Providing Critical Addiction Treatment

Haymarket Center is taking precautions to ensure we are limiting the exposure of COVID-19 (coronavirus) to our patients and their families as well as staff. We are also working tirelessly to find safe ways to continue to provide substance use disorder and mental health services to our patients. 

At this time, we continue to admit patients to: Medically Monitored Withdrawal Management (Detox), Residential, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, DUI, Recovery Home, O’Hare, Lake County, and Wrap Around services with a few exceptions. As this situation continues to evolve, we will evaluate these decisions and continue to assist those seeking services.

Below are a list of precautions and changes we are making to mitigate the exposure to this virus:

Update as of 3/25/2020

Front Door Screening

  • Staff are directed to stay at home if they begin to feel unwell, even with mild symptoms such as headache and slight runny nose, until they recover. They are to call their immediate supervisor and human resource director and inform them of their change in condition. Human Resources will discuss benefits at that time.
  • Every person entering Haymarket Center will be screened for COVID-19 exposure. They will also have their temperatures taken.
  • Anyone who has a fever of 100.0◦F or greater will not be allowed entry and they will be asked to contact their health provider. If the individual is a staff member, they will be given a mask and gloves, and they will be asked to leave the facility immediately. Their supervisor will notify human resources.
  • All staff will have their temperatures taken both when they arrive to work and when they leave.

Training and Education Programs

  • Training and education programs have further been suspended until at least April 14. Keep watch for further updates.


Previous Update Still in Effect


  • The individual being assessed, and their accompanying family member, will be screened for recent travel and potential exposure to COVID-19 (at every entrance point of Haymarket).
  • Prospective patients who call inquiring about services at Haymarket Center will also be screened for exposure to COVID-19. If the caller answers to the affirmative, they will be referred to their medical provider.
  • Walk in assessments remain open for patients seeking admission to Haymarket Center.
  • We are looking at all patients over the age of 60 or immunosuppressed and discussing their ability to be treated in alternative settings to avoid risk exposure.


  • All Residential and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) are currently open. We have suspended in-person groups and moved to tele-counseling. We are using the Zoom platform.
  • Movement on the treatment units is restricted to emergency medical appointments only. Meals are being served on the units and all non-emergent appointments will be cancelled.
  • We have suspended all visitors to the agency. This includes: family, interns, and outside support group chairpersons.
  • All staff and patients/family entering our facilities are being screened for recent travel and potential exposure to the COVID-19.
  • Patients who exhibit symptoms of respiratory infection/fever will not be allowed into program and appropriate health safety measures will be implemented.
  • Patients and any non-staff entering the building will submit to having their temperature taken. Individuals with a temperature of 100.4 or greater will be referred to their medical care provider.
  • All family sessions will be conducted via the Zoom platform.

Support Groups at Haymarket Center

  • All support groups that meet at Haymarket Center are cancelled until further notice. Step 1, 2 and 3 groups will continue on the units.

Training and Education Programs

  • All training and education programs have been suspended for two weeks, with reevaluation to occur at that time. These include:
  • Internal staff group training
  • CADC Class
  • Spring Workshops


  • Medication is still available and being ordered with DEA approval and we do not anticipate an interruption in supply. Suboxone and methadone will be administered on the units by a Haymarket Center nurse

Visiting Hours

  • We have closed to all visitors at every Haymarket Center location.


  • In addition to our normal cleaning processes, our staff is regularly cleaning frequently touched surfaces throughout the day and night.
  • Hand hygiene procedures are being monitored for staff and patients.
  • Our staff have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available when use is warranted.

Our mission at Haymarket Center is to provide safe, seamless and personal substance use disorder and mental health treatment to those in need and we will continue to uphold this mission unless the safety of our patients and staff is at risk.

As things change, we will keep you informed regarding our programs and services.


2020 Father Mac Appreciation Award Gala




Location - Union League Club - 65 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604

 Sponsorships available

For More Information, contact Cortney Ryan at 630.833.7722









2019 Father Mac Appreciation Award Luncheon - Raffle


Each year, for the Father Mac Appreciation Award Luncheon, Haymarket Center clients create special and unique works of art that are inspired by the luncheon theme, this year’s theme is “Blue Sky Dreams.”We all have Blue Sky Dreams and sometimes life’s circumstances interrupt our path.It is Haymarket Center’s goal to allow our clients to reimagine their future and find their way back to their own Blue Sky Dreams.




The client artwork displayed above captures and reflects the talent of our clients as well as their thoughts, feelings and personal experiences while in treatment. To create these three abstract paintings, clients worked together and made decisions about color and movement as they layered acrylic paint on the canvases.Each piece of artwork is accompanied by a keepsake booklet identifying its authenticity as well as the artists’ personal reflections.

These pieces are 24” x 36”, unframed canvas and will be available for raffle or to buy now.


Raffle – Own a One-of-a- Kind Painting

Individuals tickets are $20 each or 3 tickets for $50.

The Buy Now price is $300/painting




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