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The mission of Haymarket Center is to aid people with substance use disorders in their recovery by providing comprehensive behavioral health solutions.

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Join-Us Saturday April 27th for a unique Hands-on Workshop that explores new ideas based in science and mindfulness, become aware of subconscious connections were unknowingly reinforcing. This workshop takes the conversation of “Recovering from,” and shifts our perspective to the importance of “Recovering to.”

Three (3.0) CEUs per workshop. Certificates available at the end of the session.

Illinois Certification Board (ICB) approved for CADCs /IDFPR approved for LCPC, LCSW & Psychologists

Held at Haymarket Center

932 W. Washington Blvd. Chicago, IL 60607

Saturday – April 27, 2019

9am until Noon

Parking available in the community

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Continental Breakfast Included

Available through On-Line Registration Only

$80 Regular Registration / $70 Senior and Student Registration


Workshop Title: Trauma and Addiction: Recovering the Self

Description: It is well known that childhood trauma increases a person’s vulnerability to addiction, depression, and other social behavioral problems. Children who experience complex trauma do not have the cognitive abilities to understand and makes sense of their suffering nor do they have the means to protect themselves as it is happening. Development in such an environment changes the way the brain responds to stress throughout the life span and can create a fixed mindset which sees all stress as a threat, binding the individual to the mercy of a hypervigilant fear based response system and burying their real self under a persona that inhibits self-expansion and thriving.


We are all extremely unique but are being raised in an environment that prefers to teach, work and explore life in a homogeneous way. From the first moment of our lives we have been taught what is expected of us. Those messages are deeply embedded in our lives. They are so comfortable, even if we are aware of their negativity in our lives, we will fight tooth and nail to justify, and hold onto these rules. This workshop presents new ideas, based in science and mindfulness, to become aware of subconscious connections we are unknowingly reinforcing. This workshop takes the conversation of “Recovering from,” and shifts our perspective to the importance of “Recovering to.”


Co-facilitated by: MartinJon Garcia and Ryan Breen


MartinJon Garcia Bio: Helping those that are ready to open up to their greatness is at the core of MartinJon's Practice. As a healer helping others is an integral part of his life's practice. His recovery and personal growth continues to be an anchor of love and growth. MartinJon's Portrait Project was the artistic groundwork that evolved into Portrait Facilitation and The Portrait Method. By connecting deeply through creativity MartinJon becomes a vehicle for healing to happen. Through sharing vulnerability people are free to open up and explore inner blocks that exist but were not have been previously available to be seen. MartinJon is a certified Shinpiden (Reiki Master), and has studied with a number of other energy healer covering a wide array of modalities. MartinJon has, and continues, to use multiple modalities to aid in the development of this new portrait modality as well as helping clients integrate lessons from their experiences with Portrait Facilitation.


Ryan Breen Bio: Ryan Breen LCPC, CADC is the Director of Staff Development and Training at Haymarket Center where he coordinates and provides various training in topics related to the treatment of addictive disorders and trauma to Haymarket’s +300 staff members. For almost 20 years, Mr. Breen has provided therapy to clients who are dealing with relationship issues, trauma, substance use, and other mental health concerns. He has previously served as assistant clinical director for the agency’s outpatient, integrated care, and men’s residential programs. He has coordinated teams at the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center, directed residential services at Jewish Child and Family Services, and counseled families at Wedgewood Christian Services. Mr. Breen also operates a private practice dedicated helping those who are dealing with relational crisis and issues related to childhood trauma and maltreatment. Mr. Breen takes a special interest in childhood development as it relates to the fulfillment of individual human potential and relationship satisfaction.





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