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With the support of our friends, Haymarket Center has been able to deliver 1,800 babies drug free and save thousands of lives

Despite the crisis surrounding increased heroin use and opiate-related deaths in the Chicago area, our state funds have been slashed. Loss of critical funding has reduced our capacity to relieve hospitals, police and the courts and to provide access to live-saving treatment and care.

Haymarket Center needs your support now more than ever! Your donation will help the over 12,000 men and women who come to change their lives, reunite with their families and make our communities stronger and safer.

Did You Know...?

  • Chicago now leads the nation in heroin-related ER visits with 24,627, more than double the number for New York City (latest information from CDC).
  • Overdose deaths from prescription drugs (opioids) and heroin have increased 521% in Chicago from 2010-2015.
  • Illinois has the largest decline in funding for drug abuse treatment in the country.

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There is hope. Haymarket can help. With you, we can SAVE LIVES.

Haymarket Center treats the whole person: treatment for substance use, mental health, and primary care simultaneously, while providing ongoing recovery support, leads to greater long-term success.

Help Haymarket continue to stabilize individuals dependent on drugs and alcohol and provide comprehensive treatment and recovery support to ensure long term recovery through:

  • Effective addiction treatment, using proven approaches
  • Helping Pregnant women deliver healthy, drug-free babies
  • Job training and workforce development
  • Recovery homes and aftercare

Outstanding Outcomes: those receiving treatment at Haymarket Center revealed (post-care survey):

  • Reduced heroin use by 87%
  • Reduced cocaine use by 87%
  • Decreased crime involvement by 92%
  • Reunited with their families and greater parenting skills
  • Job training and placement support increased stability

YOU can be a part of helping someone change their life! Join with us today in supporting the services that Haymarket provides.

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Haymarket Center is tax exempt under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code; contributions to Haymarket Center are deductible to the fullest extent of the law on tax returns.

Donations can be made through the mail at 932 W. Washington Blvd. Chicago, IL 60607 or on-line by clicking Donate Now

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