Recovery Support Services

Haymarket Center is distinctive in providing strengths-based curriculum professional programs that foster success for individuals in recovery and their families. These programs recognize the importance of family, community, and workforce participation to recovery.

To help our patients plan for, achieve, and continue their independence in the community, Haymarket Center provides in-depth life skills training, along with group education, individual coaching and motivational counseling.

Our specialized programs help our patients and their families address social determinants of health to enhance their ability to maintain recovery following treatment. We operate several programs that provide support and build the confidence and skills that lead to long term recovery.

Ann F. Baum Supportive Employment Center

The Ann F. Baum Supportive Employment Center helps clients re-enter the workforce or launch a career. This program assists individuals at all academic and skill levels to participate in skill-based training, and secure employment support services, apprenticeships, and jobs.

The Supportive Employment Center maintains relationships with area employers who welcome job seekers prepared and supported by Haymarket Center. We collaborate with city and state employment and service programs to provide a range of opportunities that help facilitate the labor force participation that a key success factor for long term recovery.

With the completion of our well-appointed new kitchen in 2020, we have been able to expand our food-services job training and certification program for individuals in our outpatient and recovery home programs. Through part-time paid practical experience in food-handling at Haymarket Center, and with formal training on site, program participants gain a track record of work and accomplishment. The food services industry has proved to be a welcoming employer for individuals in recovery, so the skills, certifications and work experience earned at Haymarket Center can be particularly useful.

Child Care Services

Our child care services for infants, toddlers and pre-school children provide a safe, nurturing learning environment that fosters their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth.

Trained Child Development Specialist provide care for infants and children while their parents are in treatment or receiving services. Following age-specific curricula, we help children in our care to progress developmentally. We also work directly with parents to encourage their growth in their roles while providing stimulation and developmental services for their children.


This program aims to help men in our programs to focus on becoming responsible parents to their children. The program’s three aims are to promote healthy relationships, responsible parenting and economic stability. Through individual counseling, case management, and training, fathers learn to be ready to round-the-clock parenting skills. The program helps fathers increase family communication, predict and resolve conflicts, and prepare for employment.

GED Preparation

A Chicago City College provides General Educational Development (GED) preparation classes on site for patients in our recovery homes who may not have completed their high school education.

Health & Wellness

We attend to the physical health as well as the behavioral health of every Haymarket Center patient. Through our health and wellness programs, our patients receive preventive screenings for chronic conditions, and a plan for management of their care in the community that will continue following their care within our facility. For patients in residence who need services beyond primary care, we provide care coordination and transportation to appointments to assure full attention to their physical health needs. We collaborate with multiple community providers, including hospitals and dentists, to offer an accessible service continuum for our patients.

Our health care program continues to expand rapidly to meet the evolving needs of our patients and communities. For example, we have increased our capacity to provide primary medical and pediatric care on site, vaccinations, HIV and HCV testing and linkage to care, self-management programs, and health education.

O’Hare and Other Community Outreach

Haymarket Center provides street and community outreach at multiple locations in Chicago to reach individuals in need of substance use treatment and other services, including individuals experiencing homelessness. Through a motivational interviewing counseling approach, the Haymarket Center team provides a remarkable set of direct and enabling services.

Haymarket Center operates outreach services around the clock for individuals experiencing homeless and those in need of services at O’Hare airport and on the CTA Blue Line in collaboration with the Chicago Departments of Aviation and Family and Support Services. For individuals ready to accept support, our counselors facilitate direct admission to Haymarket Center or a program of the client’s choice for treatment. We also work with Chicago’s Flexible Housing Pool to remove barriers to housing faced by individuals experiencing homelessness.

Pregnant and Postpartum Women

Pregnant and Postpartum Women is a Family Centered Treatment Program that provides substance use and mental health disorders treatment and evidence-based family strengthening and recovery support models that address trauma, parenting, child education and prevention for pregnant and postpartum women.

The highly qualified and compassionate staff at Haymarket Center is committed to recognizing and responding to family trauma through integrating the identified strengths of each family in an effort to rebuild and empower each household unit.

Recovery Coaching

Peer support and coaching sessions have a well-demonstrated impact on the success of individuals in recovery. Haymarket Center’s recovery coaching program is among the oldest and most well-developed in our region, offering follow-up for a year, including brief check-in sessions based on motivational interviewing and problem-solving techniques. Sessions diminish in frequency as patients gain experience and confidence in their capacity for success.

Spanish and Other Language Services

Haymarket Center helps men, women and families with cultural and linguistic services. To provide services in languages not spoken by our teams, we have staff who can deliver services in Spanish, and we have treatment materials available in this language. For other non-English speaking patients, we use a telephonic translation and deaf access vendor services that we share in common with hospitals and other service providers in Chicago.