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Recovery often involves restoring healthy relationships with family and friends. For chemically dependent fathers, establishing and repairing relationships with their children is an important part of their recovery. Learn more about Haymarket's pathway to responsible fatherhood.

Family Enrichment

The Ann F. Baum Family Enrichment Center (FEC) is our Employment & Training Program and provides services to individuals with employment barriers and who also require assistance with launching a career or returning to the workforce as tax paying citizens

Health & Wellness

Haymarket Center’s Health & Wellness Management (HWM) Department provides quality education, support and prevention tools to individuals impacted by or at risk of HIV, HCV, STI and other chronic health disparities including substance abuse.


The Medically Monitored Detoxification programs here at Haymarket Center provide medical and clinical support to the patientduring their withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs. These services are offered in gender specific settings; Men’s Medically Monitored...

Designed for professionals, Haymarket Center provides certification and training, CADC, continuing education (CEU’s) through venues such as the Annual Summer Institute on Addictions, workshops and more…

Haymarket can continue to help stabilize individuals dependent on drugs and alcohol and provide comprehensive treatment and recovery support to ensure long term recovery. YOU can be a part of helping someone change his or her life! Join with us today in supporting the services that Haymarket provides.

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