Haymarket Center furthers partnership with Endeavor Health

In many cases, patients who come into the ER experiencing an overdose receive care for their physical needs, but are not connected to life-saving behavioral and mental health services. “Warm-Handoff” programs, like the one Haymarket Center and Endeavor Health have partnered to create, fill this crucial gap in care. Haymarket Center first partnered with Endeavor Health in 2020 to provide peer recovery interviews, link patients to treatment programs, and transportation to services after an opioid related overdose.

Already, Haymarket has served more than 300 patients through this partnership, but there is always more to be done. “Too often following an opioid overdose, individuals face barriers when they try to get immediate access to life-saving treatment for substance use disorders. Our warm-handoff program in Endeavor Health hospitals eliminates those barriers and gets people the care they need, when they need it most.” Says Haymarket President and CEO Dan Lustig. That is why Endeavor Health’s Community Investment Fund awarded Haymarket Center a grant to expand these services to 250 patients in crisis each year.

“Our Community Investment Fund has made a remarkable impact since its launch in 2022, touching over 211,000 lives and supporting a significant expansion of behavioral health counselling” said Kristen Murtos, Chief Innovation & Transformation Officer at Endeavor Health. We, at Haymarket Center, are thrilled to be a part of that impact.

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