Four-Legged Friends Provide Support During Recovery

Emotional support is essential for individuals struggling with mental health issues, especially for those in recovery. Our team at Haymarket Center works to ensure that all patients feel supported through our residential and outpatient programs. In addition to the services we provide at Haymarket, our partnerships with community organizations add enrichment to the lives of patients, especially when that enrichment comes in the form of friendly, furry faces.

Canine Therapy Corps regularly visits Haymarket and works with patients from our Men’s and Women’s Integrated Treatment programs to provide dog therapy services. Through a six-week curriculum, patients work with the dogs on progressively advanced obedience and agility, culminating in a graduation where each participant demonstrates proficiency in dog handling.

Through this training, clients develop their communication skills, anger management, self-esteem, and self-awareness with the help of their four-legged counterparts. While these build on the skills of our patients, time with these therapy dogs adds a sense of comfort to those in treatment.

Canine Therapy Corps volunteers and our patients celebrate the conclusion of the training period with a graduation ceremony, where patients can take a photo with the volunteer dog they have worked with over the six-week period.

We are so grateful to Canine Therapy Corps volunteers for the joy they bring to both patients and staff at Haymarket Center with each visit. You can learn more about Canine Therapy Corps by visiting their website here.

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