Haymarket Center Patients attend Drug Court Graduation Ceremony

On Thursday, May 18, 8 Haymarket patients graduated from the Rehabilitative Alternative Probation program, or (W)RAP, Cook County’s nationally acclaimed drug court program. The ceremony, which took place at the George N. Leighton Criminal Courthouse, concluded with graduates from the program and having their criminal records expunged in recognition of their completion of the program.

(W)RAP seeks to offer people who have been arrested on drug charges an alternative to receiving felony charges and incarceration by completing a two-year process where they receive treatment for substance use, refrain from use drugs or alcohol, and complete a case management plan. Haymarket Center’s role in (W)RAP is providing treatment services to members of the program.

“Haymarket Center has been involved in the drug court program for 20 years,” explained Aesha Muhammad, Manager of the Men’s Medical Detox program at Haymarket. “(W)RAP has many components in addition to case management. (W)RAP graduates receive support from the program in finding jobs and even housing if necessary. Most importantly, the success of programs like this helps the criminal justice system better understand and respond to addiction.”

The Chicago Sun-Times covered the recent graduation ceremony: “From dealing drugs to working for CTA, Hostess: Cook County Drug Court program grads get felony records expunged to begin new lives.”

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