Success beyond treatment: Leonard G.

For almost fifty years, Haymarket Center has been the starting point for countless people in their recovery from substance use disorders. One of those people is Leonard G., who after coming to Haymarket is happily living a life that he, not drugs or alcohol, is in firm control of. This is his story.

“My name is Leonard Green, and I was a past resident at Haymarket drug and rehabilitation program. The year was 2017-2018 in which Haymarket and their experienced staff helped feed and house me while getting me mental health therapy and gainful employment. While my counselor enrolled me into the family enrichment program, a program that educated me on how to improve my chances of being successful in life. The program was very educational. It helped me brush up on my computer skills, taught me about me about how to receive emails, different programs installed on our computers, how to properly dress, and how to communicate during job interviews. Upon successful completion of the family enrichment center program, I was placed into the CTA Second Chance program. I have been employed since September 2019 at CTA infrastructure. Kimberely Watts, Family Enrichment Center Manager, was very instrumental in helping and training me and I truly want to thank her. I have held three different positions at the CTA, and I’m currently employed as a flag worker, and I’m looking towards becoming an instructor or manager.”

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